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My Crafty space

Here is my crafty space
 a place to share my crafty storage and craft room ideas

My craft room

This is the top end of my crafty shed it is very tidy in this pick but when I am crafting is is not always this tidy lol.  I used bars I bought from Ikea you can see at the back with hooks to store my stamps on, the top two are from Clip it up and American Craft store.

This is the other end of my craft space I have my tv more storage and my desk which I will add is a bit clearer now as I had a bit of a clear out for I had more room on my desk, I still manage to cover all the work space.  The little chair is where my 7yr old comes in to watch tv sometimes when the other boys are bugging him lol.

I got this fab little craft bin and cup holder from Paper arts isn't it brill 
My craft room is very pink and girly, will having 5 boys I need to get my girly fix from somewhere

I had this gorg banner of my name at the Craft village At Butterfly World near where I live.

In the same shop they also may this lovely plaque for my crafty shed to to match the banner.

This is my new shelving I love it wish I had bought more lol

I used a spice rack to hold my brads and gems

This ribbon cloths horse was not my idea but my crafty friend
from Crafty Fox Cards


Rina said...

WOW..... fantastic space Wendy!!!


Karamia said...

Wow Can I come live in the shed? I have 4 boys in my house and just me x so need to get pinked :) xx seriously though gorgeous xxx

Karen McClure said...

Wow Wendy x very jealous hunni x need to get my eldest out the house so I can have my craftroom back lol x (he needed his own room last year as he was waking the wee one up when he was going to bed) so I lost my wee craftroom short term lol x keep telling him his 16th birthday he will get a card and a suitcase hee hee xx Thanks for showing hunni xx

Beate said...

Wooow Wendy what a fantastic craft room. Love, love, love it. HUgs Beate

Altered Annie said...

I just watched your video on youtube August 16th 2015. In the beginning you commented on the pain between your shoulder blades and your shoulder problems i to suffer from the same pains. If you're lucky, occasionally you go into remission and some areas calm down for whatever reason I have no idea. I did have a week or two when things were not that bad but as soon as I got used to that and enjoyed it, it started back up again. I recently received a questionnaire from my doctor about fibromyalgia criteria for treatment and while answering the questions I found I had a check mark next to almost if not all symptoms.

Needless to say its discouraging to realize the implications of how bad things can get. I do wish you the best of luck and good health, hopefully you will feel better soon. Enjoy the time when you can and do the best to persevere when things get rough. It is nature's way of telling you to take a break, give yourself a break, take a nap or take advantage of any time where you can put your feet up. Unfortunately it means less artistic time, which is completely upsetting I know, but I found that it's for the best to take those breaks and just look forward to when you can do more of what you want to do, and do what you have to do as quick as you can to get it done so you can get back to enjoying what it is you like to do.

You make lovely things, so keep up the good work/play!

Unknown said...

Hi Wendy, just looked through your lovely craft shed, wow just gorgeous,I also have a Craft Cottage, my hubby bought for me a little demountable in the garden, just love it to bits, but I have my Embroidery machines in there , as that is what I also do. but love your storage shelves.
Cheers Lyn