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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Whats on my desk apart from a mess

Hi all just a quick post for this afternoon to show you whats on my colouring desk to much I might add 
but first I want to show you a card I made for a friends friend lol and a male card at that, don't you just love it when they say can you make me a card but is has to be a specific theme. Well this fella wanted a card made in the Tottenham Hotspurs theme and large of my lor! I racked my brain as to what I can do so I decided to made a card in the shape of the team shirt 
I will add this was not a hard card to make not a lot to add to it to be honest but I still managed to muck it up lol

Can you spot the mistake ...... Yep I spelt the name wrong it should have have been Geof lol I didnt even notice till I showed my partner lol oh dear 
this is back and as you can see I did the same spelling the name wrong again lol
I will add it was changed and all is well but just had to show you a very simple card can go wrong 
I wasn't very pleased with the card but they were, so all is well it was very hard to think of a card to fit there theme and for a male to just a plain simple football shirt.

Anyway back to whats on my desk

now my first picture is a little bundle of beads pearl and clear ones mainly, now this is a little tip for you when you go to car boots check out for fashion beads that are being sold for pennies as I take them apart and make the pins for my cards it is a fab way to get unusual sizes and shapes and a cheaper way to add to your stash if you make your own pins I love rummaging around in tins of old necklaces for some great beads. Second hand shops are also a great source to.

look what also sneeked into my house how fab is that I have not had as chance to play with them yet but this is the 48 pen set 

open sesame oooh that totally feeds my oooh ahhhh illness lol.

this is suppose to be my colouring desk but it has some new goodies I bought ths week on it some Joy dies and CC sentiment stamps and pin kits from Natalie and Amys shop, there is also some tiny bicone beads I got from ebay I think I need to tidy it up and put some bits way lol 
so there you go that is what is on my desk today 
Pop back later today to see my day 3 Whimsy Stamps release day sample

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Sandra H said...

Hi Wendy, not to worry about the spelling mistake the card is gorgeous though! and your desk looks a busy place and what a fab pen storage xx