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Sunday, 6 May 2012

My Distress colouring progress

Hi all happy Sunday hope you are having a good weekend
today I dont have a card but I have been practicing colouring with distress inks

this was the first attempt I got the skin ok sort of for a first attempt lol but then I messed up the shadowing on the dress so it looks murky the shoes are fine I was happy with them. The next error I made was with the hair that also went a bit murky lol but I am not one to give up so I tried again 

Now on this one I was really happy with how the cloths turned out but mucked up the skin on this one a bit and had to dab it with a tissue to get some of the colour of but I probably notice more than you cause I am the one that messed it up lol but on the hole I was better please with this one. I forgot to do the doggy though so he will be a white dog lol. I am still having trouble getting the hair right
Any way I am not one to give up so tried again

So with this practice I had just receive the new Tim Holtz limited added ink pads and Omg they are fab so I used two of them the light lilac and the turquoise one and was soooo happy with how the cloths turned out .
The skin turned out better to so but again struggle with the hair ending up with a dirty murky colour again but I will get there.

So I think this is my fave so far I managed to get the hair not to look like a murky mess and the skin seemed to work out, I will keep practicing.  I wanted to share my progress with you as always believe practice practice practice is the key, like I said in one of my posts it was really hard at first to not colour like I was using my Copics. I think that was the mistake I was making. I will make a card with the last 3 but not the top one lol so hope you enjoyed me sharing my little progress pos,t have a great Sunday and dont eat to many roasties Oh who am I kidding eat loads they are lush .


МамаФиалка said...

очень красиво

sara said...

good on ya for keeping at it wendy it was worth it wasnt it there is a big difference well done girl
hugs sara x x x

Vicky said...

You are doing so well Wendy...each image is getting better and better will be an expert in no time...:O)

big hugs Vicky xx

febe said...

Great job on the colors dear :)

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