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Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Messy desk

I just wanted to show you a quick pic of my craft desk in full use mode lol

As you can see it is very messy at the moment and this is just part of it either side of this pic is just as messy. I always tidy my desk when I start a new project but for some reason I just make a mess and spread out the mess, everywhere even on the floor, my craft room needs a good clean at the moment and good sort out, I keep putting it off lol 

I have two big drawfulls of scrap paper I need to do something with either bite the bullet and chuck it which I am not very good at or organize it and trim it to useable pieces but it takes so long lol maybe one day.
Anyway there you go wonder if you desks are as messy as mine


Lily Anuska said...

Wendy, you should see my room when I create. Your table is very nice compared to mine room. And when my little niece is with me there is wow... Have a great weekend. Lily Anuska

Sandra said...

Well it isn't too bad mine gets like that sometimes but l do try to keep it tidy but what does it matter to me that shows a good Sandra H

Karen Conner said...

thanks for sharing this post about your scrap room-mine looks worse! But at least I know I'm not the only one!!

catherine said...

This is what we crafters call being creative. I bet you know where everything is and if you put it all away you would never be able to find things again!!
x catherine

MILA25 said...

Jak bym widziała moje biurko :)
To jest twórczy nieład a nie bałagan .
Pozdrawiam Mili