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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Out of action having op

Hi folks I just wanted to let you know I will not be about for a while just in case anyone misses me, I am having an op on my Carpal Tunnel and will be out of action for a while. I have informed my DT and have schedule Cuddly Buddlys DT card for this Friday as I have already done this, but after that I wont be available. I will be having withdrawal Symptoms by the time I am able to use my hand again it is my right hand they are doing first so will have to makeup for it by having a craft spend on goodies to use after. I will try to type left handed and give update. Doc says between 2 to 6 weeks for recovery hope it is the 2 week option I am bit anemic to but that is been sorted

hugs to you all will see you when I am back next week with left handed post


LaJanette said...

Good luck on the op and I hope you recover fast!

Take care:0)


jo said...

Hi Wendy
Best wishes to you - lets hope the next week flies past and you'll soon be back at your desk!
Take care
Jo x

Vicky said...

Hope the Op goes well sweetie...and take care....

big hugs Vicky xx

Heidi said...

Hallo Wendy, hope all goes well with ops and you don't get too withdrawn, I guess you'll get a lot of browsing done on the craft sites if nothing else. Hugs heidi x

shells-crafts said...

best of luck wendy. take care, x

Ruthie said...

Hope the op goes as it should do and you recover quickly. Thought I would just pop over and say Hi - I see that you have signed up for the crafty weekend...YAY! We had such a blast last time!

Recover soonx


Mary J said...

Oh Wendy, I hope everything goes well and look forward to when you are back honey!

Take care!


Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Hay hun, thank for stopping by my blog! Can't wait to meet you next year....this years was such good fun, I havent laughed that much in a long time it was fab & I am so excited about next year!

I hope your feeling better after your op hun
huge hugs shell xx